Friday, July 15, 2005

Let there be light

Last evening, Radhika and I, went to see Dus (yes ladies, Abhishek Bachchan has acted well and does look alright in the movie). Anyway..before the movie began and after a whole lot of HP Club and Kingfisher ads had been screened, the preview for Maine Pyar 'Kyun' Kiya was played. Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya stars Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen (yeah baby!) and Katrina Kaif (have mercy!). While watching the preview only I received an SMS from Manhattan Credit Cards, offering me the tickets to a weekend screening of the same movie (i have a feeling, technology had little to do with this coincidence). We immediately decided that we'll come and watch the movie for sure, the preview looks good, star-cast is impressive and who minds a li'l bit of Katrina.

At about the same time, when Radhika and I were moving and shaking (nope, it's not what you think) to 'Dus Bahane', Hindustan Times (HT), a Delhi-based popular English daily released, to the rest of the world, a cassette recording that had "a Salman Khan-Aishwarya Rai telephonic conversation" from the past (sometime in 2001).

The timing of such a tape couldn't have been worse for Salman. His new movie - MPKK - had it's premier last night, which he could not obviously attend. According to the reports today, succumbed under the pressure from Bajrang Dal and VHP, many theaters have agreed not to screen his movie. It's a pity! that political groups find motivation in anything that's controversial, somehow they feel it's an obligation to give things a religious shape.

On the other hand, the timing of such a release couldn't have been better for HT. Their much awaited launch in Mumbai took place only yesterday (i'll leave it to you guys to establish a link there). Vir Sanghvi, the Editorial Director of HT, was all over the news yesterday confirming the authentication of the tape and commenting on the underworld-bollywood relationship.

The debate is not whether Salman Khan is what he is. The argument is:

  • why didn't anybody, including the police did anything about it four years back?
  • why has the tape been released on the day of Salman's biggest movie this year?
  • and, why has the tape been released by HT on the day of their esteemed launch in the city of Mumbai?

In an attempt to answer the above questions, I tend to forget about the issue here, but am I to be blamed for it? If one reads the transcript, one will find it extremely hard to care about it. The fact that this has come out in the darkness of such an ambiguous evening, only makes me wonder if I'm being purposely misled.


At 18 July, 2005 11:15, Blogger Nachi said...

I agree the timing was questionable !! lekin in today's world if u keep trying to do all the right things, u will most definitely get the critical acclaim but no bread for the 'paapi pet'.
Stop thiking about why someone did the way he did, and u shall be happier, unless ur are destined to be a saint !!

well that's how I think, as long as no one messes with me he's safe :-) !!

At 18 July, 2005 14:34, Anonymous levelmind said...

agreed!! paapi pait and all that stuff. Anyhow, why don't somebody go and ask ash darling about the tete-a-tete. She only is the final authority to tell: "if there be light or dark(ness)" after the skeleton comes out of the cupboard. I guess she must be santified enough to keep distance from triffles like this...


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